Wednesday, March 9, 2011

flashing lights and chiming bells.... some Casino sketches...

                Instead of joining most of the third years on a journey to a car show, Tim was kind enough to allow me to do the same assignment in the Windsor Casino that I was already going to visit with my ma the next day! Twas good times indeed. One can’t help but feel they’re on a vacation in that place. My grandpa has a membership there, so we got to visit and do a bunch of stuff for free.  It was my first time ever being in one of those buildings…I had avoided them intentionally believing they were kinda the belly of the beast. I wasn’t completely wrong in that assumption, but it was by all means an enjoyable experience.   The elevator rides up to the floor…which must have been quite a few stories higher, were awesome! Watching the cityscape of Windsor span out infinitely before me, as the night came on, snow falling outside the window. There were also swimming pools, and THE BEST STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRIS I HAVE EVER TASTED!

                Still, I could see how easily people could get lost in that world. All the day light blocked out and not a clock to be seen. Every night, flashing lights, chiming bells and dinging, little pleasant melodies and loud eruptions of sound. Relentless.  Needless to say there were many more characters in there than I could keep up with. With all that drawing I never even touched a slot machine. :)

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