Monday, October 17, 2011

First page of a lil graphic memoir, an ode to those Treeplanting years...


I've been writing this book since I was in grade 7. It started as a game I played with my little brother. Since then the story has grown with got a lot darker in the teen years...when I learned of some of the horrific capabilities of mankind, but all and all it remains one of my favorite ways to spend time.

Some lovely people I'm blessed to have in my life

A couple concept paintings, kinda old already...

Summer time sketches

Little snippets from time spent over the Atlantic

I was lucky enough to get over seas for a while this summer, in the very temperate island of Ireland. I always love spending time in different places, experiencing other perspectives and cultures. Even the landscape has personality. These are just a few sketches...I should really finish some of the natural landscapes too. The rock and water, and green of grass. The natural beauty of those places kinda has a way of hitting you on a soul level. You can just get lost in it.